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of of a partly to mostly cloudy day today as sandy continues to drift north with high temperatures in the mid others. so bring along a jacket. it will be cool this morning and even later today with cloudiness around. that is a first look at the forecast. back to you. >> thank you. >>> some of the top stories this morning, the death toll from the u.s. from superstorm sandy as now topped 70. meantime, maryland is sending two ambulance strike teams to help out with the recovery effort in new jersey a countle number of home along the shoreline have been damaged or destroyed and some areas are still too hazardous to allow residents to go back in. farther north, about 25% of hoboken is still under water. >>> fire crews are still on the scene of a fire in northwest d.c. they were called to what witnesses say is a warehouse late last night. it is locatedded on moore street right near union market. we do have a crew on the way there and we'll have the latest updates soon. >>> stafford county sheriff's have stepped up the hunt for lawrence stewart, last soon in a red hyundai accent with virginia plates
challenge as clean- up and recovery efforts continue following hurricane sandy. >> reporter: nearly a week after sandy hit the east coast, power outages still plague parts of the northeast. that along with damaged and destroyed buildings could mean a lack of places for voters to cast their ballots. new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he is working to ensure voter will not miss their opportunity to participate in the election. >> we'll do anything we can to help the board of elections. we've got to make sure everybody can vote. it is not going to be easy but we'll both work hard on that. >> reporter: officials in new jersey are also taking steps. >> you still go to the polling places. we'll have trucks set up there and you will vote old school. you'll vote paper ballots. everybody will have the opportunity to vote. >> reporter: some say the presidential race is not their main concern. >> it is really like on the back burner. i don't know what wear doing tuesday as far as voting. my school is up the block. i don't quite know yet. >> reporter: others say voting is still a top priority.
dealing with superstorm sandy. >> a nor'easter hitting the area hard again with snow, rain and high linds of david lee miller has the latest from long beach, new york this morning ro. are by mid afternoon, the wind had picked up -- and high winds. >> david lee miller has the latest from long beach, new york this morning. >> reporter: by mid afternoon, the win had picked up. the storm moving its way up the atlantic coast is expected to bring rain and wet snow to new jersey and new york. more than half a million people are still without power following last week's storm. now, there is fear that number will rise. new york mayor michael bloomberg warned those without power to be cautious how they heat their homes. >> if you remain in your home, please do not use gas ranges or ovens to stay warm. that is not only a serious fire hazard, the fumes it releases can kill you. >> reporter: federal officials are helping thousands left homeless by the first storm but despite the risks caused by the nor'easter, there are still those who refuse to be evacuated. >> i don't think there is any more fears.
will rebound from the devastation of sandy on the concert last night on the campus of penn state university. he thanked chris chris te for doing a fine job of taking care of citizens. proceeds will be donated to the american red cross. >>> president obama and mitt rom know both suspended their campaigns in the aftermath of hurricane sandy but with just four days before voters head to the polls it's back to the trail in full force. >> and the focus is all about those key swing states. >> reporter: whatever brief reprieve from political attacks offered in the wake of hurricane sandy is now both a memory as the candidates refocus on campaigning. >> governor romney has been using all his talents as a salesman to dress up these very same policies that failed our country so badly. >> wisconsin was one considered a lock for obama but the president's appearance in green bay is telling just how close this election could be. >> i'm really moved by your welcome. >> mitt romney appeared in another key battleground state addressing a crowd of window manufacturers in virginia. >> he's been out talking about
catch the two men who held i'm 7-elevealexandria t happened the same night hurricane sandy hit. police believe the robbery might be related to similar crimes in the case. if have you any information, please call at alexandria police department and you can remain anonymous. >>> kwame brown will learn his fate tomorrow. he is set to be sentenced for bank fraud and campaign violation charges. he resigned in june. brown is facing one year in jail but prosecutors are urging the judge to sentence him to six days in jail and three years supervised reclose. >>> congress wants more details into the extramarital affair of former cia director david petraeus. they want to know why they weren't told sooner and if national security was ever compromised. fox 5's melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: david petraeus was due to testify this week. now, some members of congress are questioning the timing of the cia director's resignation. the affair between david petraeus and paula broadwell, the woman who wrote his biography, was uncovered during and fbi investigation into harassing e-mails. a family fr
of the northeast still dealing with the devastation left behind from superstorm sandy. >> up next a new push to help with the recovery efforts in the form of a letter to the president. >> clear skies and cold temperatures. we are talking real cold temperatures overnight. i'll have all the details coming up. julie wright has a look at your traffic too coming up after the break. >>> welcome back. 4:45 on this wednesday. taxing a live look outside. yes, it is cold but a good thing we're not dealing with some of the things they are still dealing with up north. the statue of liberty and liberty island will stay closed until further note is a after have storm sandy. the statue of liberty just reopened in october after a renovation. >> wow! >>> a group of senators from states hit hard by superstorm sandy are asking president obama for a boost in disaster aid. they sent a letter to the president asking him to add more emergency funding in his 2013 budget request. the request for more aiddoms as the president and congress are debating how to avoid massive tax cuts. >> i have a friend who is helping p
, ainsley earhart, fox news. >>> many people are wondering how the aftermath of superstorm sandy will affect election turnout into the northeast. trains connecting new york to new jersey are still down creating a logjam of traffic. still long lines of traffic. close to a million home appear businesses are still without power in new jersey and massive piles of garbage are mounding on the streets i'm strong nor'easter storm is expected to hit the region tomorrow. >>> in other local news, montgomery county police have filed charges against the father of a 4-year-old who fell from a ninth floor apartment window in silver spring last month. 30-year-old christopher harley of temple hills is charged with child neglect. police say the boy remains in the hospital in serious condition. >>> we still have plenty ahead. more weather, traffic and all your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. starts now. >>> good morning. it is tuesday, november 6th, election day and it is a cool start to the morning. temperatures already in the 30s. i would say it is a cold morning. >> it is cold. >> goo
to be nearly as bad as sandy. >>> colorado and washington have become the first states to legalize recreational marijuana and medical marijuana was legalized in massachusetts. but in oregon, the measure was turned down by voters. opponents say the legalization sets back drug reform in the united states. one of the closest watched senate races was in missouri where claire mccaskill won re- election. ments a big win for democrats. she beat todd akin who came under fire for saying women had ways of preventing pregnancy in cases of legitimate rape. >>> elizabeth warren beat scott brown. warren has risen through the dreamtic party since she was appointed president obama's consumer watchdog. so a few changes in some of the races. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. ght now. >>> we have picked ourselves up. we are fought our way back. and we know in our hearts that, for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. come. >> president barack obama giving his speech to supporters after claiming victory in the white house. >> mitt romney could not put together the electoral map he needed
with the survivors of superstorm sandy. he got a close look at the damage yesterday with mayor michael bloomberg. he brought the spotlight to people living without heat and electricity 17 days after the storm. he hugged some while visiting a fema disaster site. >>> the looming fiscal cliff takes center stage at the white house today. president obama is meeting with the leaders of both parties from the house and senate this morning to start negotiations on avoiding those automatic tax hikes and deep spending cuts. the president sits down with the head of 13 civil rights groups this afternoon to get their input on the negotiation. >>> adecision on the future of hostess brands -- a decision on the future of hostess brands is supposed to be announced today. hostess said if workers did not return to work by 5:00 p.m. yesterday, it would have to go into liquid situation. that would result in a loss of nearly 20,000 jobs. >>> it is an all-out attack on sugary junk food. ahead in about 10 minutes, schools are taking big steps to make sure your kids eat more healthy but is it working? we'll find out in just
the losss from superstorm sandy in the empire state could total $33 billion and that is just one state. governor andrew cuomo gave the estimate at a briefing yesterday where he panned the power company for taking more than a week to restore electricity to some. this week's nor'easter caused another 200,000 to lose power in the tri-state area. >>> an arizona judge has sentenced jared loughner to life in prison without parole for killing sick people and injuring others. gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelly were in court for the sentencing. kelly and other shooting survivors made statements before the sentence was handed down. giffords is still recovering from a gunshot wound to the head. >>> we are learning more about an attack by iran on an american unarmed drone over international waters in the persian gulf last week. two attack fighter planes shot but missed the unmanned drone. it is the first time iran has fired on a u.s. drone. it happened five days before the election. but the pentagon says it withheld news of the attack because the drone was on a secret mission. >>> a rar
by superstorm sandy turned out to be a scrooge for some christmas tree farms in maryland. a look at the serious tree drag coming up next. >>> metro responds to complaint it didn't have enough service for all the folk that had to go to work yesterday on veterans day. >> we have rain showers across the area along with much cooler air. i'll have the details on the forecast and julie wright will have the traffic for you coming up in just a few short minutes. >>> welcome back. it is tuesday and it is a wet tuesday and a cold one too. this is a live look right now over washington and some areas kind of thick and i don't know if it is foggy but either way, there is just a lot of moisture in the air right now and leaves on the ground. you know what that will mean. >> good point. when i was driving in the residential neighborhood was covered in leaves. the new music sound so mellow now. >> we gently wake people up on fox 5. >> whole different game. we've got the showers moving in from the west. parts of the area haven't seen much yet but most of us wil
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11